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CAFS in Brief

Introduction of Chinese Academy of Fiscal Sciences


History and Status Quo


In June 1956, according to Chairman Mao Zedong's instruction that the Ministry of Finance should strengthen the study of financial and economic issues, the Research Institute for Fiscal Science of the Ministry of Finance was formally established and renamed as the Chinese Academy of Fiscal Sciences (hereinafter referred to as CAFS) in February 2016. It was designated as the national advanced think tank pilot unit in March 2020.


CAFS currently has 211 employees, including 144 people with senior and intermediate professional titles. In March 2001, a post-doctoral research program for finance was established, and there are currently 60 post-doctors.


CAFS currently has 23 internal institutions (12 research centers, 6 management & support institutions, 5 teaching management institutions) and 4 affiliated institutions (society secretariats).


12 research centers: Research Center for Macroeconomics, Research Center for Public Finance and Governance, Research Center for Government Revenues, Research Center for Public Assets, Research Center for Finance, Research Center for Education, Science and Culture, Research Center for Social Development, Research Center for Resource and Environment, Research Center for Foreign Public Finance, Research Center for Finance and Accounting, Research Center for Government Performance, Research Center for Abacus and Mental Arithmetic.


6 management and Support Institutions: CPC Committee Office (Discipline Inspection Commission Office), General Office, Department for General Research Management and Foreign Affairs (Think Tank Constructive Office), Personnel Department, Accounting Department, Journal Editing Board.  


5 teaching management institutions: Teaching Affairs Department(degree Office), Student Affairs Department(Admission Office), Teaching and Research Center, Professional Degree Education Center, Library and Information Center.


4 affiliated institutions: Secretariat of Society of Public Finance of China, Secretariat of Chinese Abacus and Mental Arithmetic Association, Secretariat of China Rural Finance Research Association, Secretariat of the National Budget and Accounting Research Association. In addition, CAFS has established scientific research platforms such as the "PPP Research Institute", "Beijing Branch" and "Financial Big Data Research Institute".


For many years, the CAFS has closely combined the economic and social development and institutional reform in different periods, focusing on national financial theory and policy, providing policy recommendations for national decision-making and governance and intellectual support for fiscal policy. The CAFS has a unique research style, strong strength and its research is leading the academic community. Its development strategy is to be a national advanced think-tank oriented to the future, addressing major governance issues of the country and the world, focusing on reform and development, and takes the lead in leapfrogging development of scientific research and education in the field of finance and accounting.

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