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Government Revenue in China: A Panoramic Illustration (2022)
Author:Liu Shangxi, Liang Ji, et al
Publisher:China Financial and Economic Publishing House
Publication date:2023

In 2022, Liu Shangxi, President of the Chinese Academy of Fiscal Sciences (CAFS), continued to spearhead his research team to depict a panoramic picture of government revenue in China and collecting scattered financial data, and to delve into the value of data by developing a detailed and comprehensive index system.


After overcoming the difficulties caused by variations in the caliber and form of published financial data, the team of nearly 20 members conducted a thorough survey across government information disclosure platforms in China for a period of ten months. Through data search across 31 provincial administrative regions, over 330 prefectural administrative regions, and 136 sample counties, the team obtained over 300,000 data points and constructed over 300 indicators for analysis. Based on the data, the Government Revenue in China: A Panoramic Illustration 2022 (Vol.1 and Vol.2) quantitatively describes and analyzes the financial and economic situation of China, the central government, provinces, cities, districts, and counties, presenting panoramic illustration of government revenue in China. Hot-button issues regarding the government revenue in China are also discussed in-depth.


This book is structured into three parts: Overview, Topics, and Regions, with data and analysis covering four levels of budget and four levels of government. Factoring in numerous aspects of financial and economic operations, this book directly showcases the operation reality of the financial system while reflecting on the efficiency and utilization effects of financial resource allocation. It is an indispensable and practical reference guide to individuals from all walks of life with an interest in the development of China’s finance.

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