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Fiscal Policies for Green and Low-carbon Energy Transition: Challenges and Responses

Release date:2022-12-30 10:35 Views:1941

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Chen Shaoqiang, Li Mojie

Research Report No. 82 (Total No. 2324)

December 12, 2022



Green and low-carbon energy transition is crucial to achieving high-quality development and the strategic carbon peak and neutrality targets. Upon refining fiscal policies for green and low-carbon energy transition into supporting clean and low-carbon traditional energy, developing non-fossil energy, supporting energy saving and carbon emission reduction in key industries and developing new energy vehicles, this article analyzes their characteristics, achievements, problems and challenges. Long-term subsidy policy, risks posed to binding fiscal policy, and excessive focus on investment while neglecting the role of operation are imminent issues. Based on the above analysis, targeted policy suggestions are provided.



(Author Affiliation: Chinese Academy of Fiscal Sciences)

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