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Facilitate the Recovery of MSMEs on the Basis of Smooth Economic Circulation

Release date:2023-03-02 11:03 Views:1883

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CAFS Research Report No. 9 (Total No. 2,340)

February 9, 2023



Thanks to optimized measures against the COVID-19, coupled with greater policy support for facilitating enterprises, the business expectations of medium, small, and micro-sized enterprises (MSMEs) in the first half of 2023 was boosted significantly. The fourth quarter of 2022 saw weakening operations of MSMEs due to unexpected factors such as further Covid-19 outbreaks. Many faced constraints including insufficient business opportunities and tight cash flow, resulting in reduced demand for financing, production expansion, and recruitment. To restore development, it is imperative to build a strong foundation and enhance capabilities through concerted efforts. Therefore, to achieve steady recovery of MSMEs, it is recommended to focus on targeted policy and capacity building efforts on the basis of smooth economic circulation.


Members of the research team: CAFS Xu Yude, Tan Jing, Fan Yachen

AliResearch Zhang Cheng

Report prepared by: Xu Yude, Fan Yachen

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