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Key Features of World S&T Innovation Centers and Benchmarking Analysis in China

Release date:2023-03-02 10:39 Views:1798

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Chen Yaping

CAFS Research Report No. 10 (Total No. 2,341)

February 9, 2023



In the new era, world S&T innovation centers feature world-class strategic scientists, top-rated universities with robust discipline systems, state-of-the-art research facilities and basic research platforms on par with international standards, output of major original achievements, proven ability to drive innovation in the industry, globally recognized pioneers, and an international innovation ecosystem. Upon benchmarking analysis between China and typically leading innovators, it has been found that China possesses a remarkable ability to harness innovative resources, with several engineering disciplines enjoying unique global advantages, built a comprehensive range of cutting-edge scientific equipment and facilities, and achieved numerous scientific breakthroughs with significant international influence. Furthermore, China ranks top in the world by the number of international papers and patents produced, while the innovative capacity of its enterprises continues to grow stronger. China’s level of digitalization has attained a leading position on the global stage. Nevertheless, China’s investment in basic research needs to be bolstered, as it still lacks world-class strategic scientists and innovative teams. The overall strength of the higher education sector remains weak, with a shortage of world-class R&D platforms. Furthermore, China has not yet formed an international innovation ecosystem. Hence, in the new era, it is imperative to reinforce the systematic deployment of both basic research and applied basic research, and speed up enhancing the original innovation competence of universities. Additionally, there is a pressing need to ramp up efforts for stronger national strategic scientific and technological strength, foster a globalized approach to talent acquisition, boost the cultivation of innovative leaders, and establish an open and inclusive innovation system.


(Author Affiliation: Chinese Academy of Fiscal Sciences)

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