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President Liu Shangxi Attends and Speaks at the CPPCC Biweekly Consultation Seminar

Release date:2023-04-20 15:56 Views:1856

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The First Biweekly Consultation Seminar of the 14th CPPCC National Committee was held in Beijing on March 31, chaired by Wang Huning, Member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Chairman of the CPPCC National Committee. President Liu Shangxi and 12 other members of the CPPCC National Committee spoke at the event.



President Liu delivered a featured speech on the topic of “Promoting High-quality Development by Making a Breakthrough in People-oriented Urbanization”. He said that high-quality development is the top priority in making China into a modern country. Theoretically, it is necessary to get a deeper understanding of the meaning of high-quality development by taking into account the core logic of Chinese modernization - people, and to center around “people” to allow more freedom for entrepreneurship, innovation and mobility. To understand the macro pathway for high quality development from the outlook on people development, we must prioritize people-oriented urbanization. People-oriented urbanization implies the citizenization of farmers, which is considered the biggest challenge in the process of people’s modernization. When this challenge is overcome, China can implement the strategy of expanding domestic demand, and set the social foundation for the population quality dividend and innovation-driven development, and have conditions for shared prosperity. Moreover, since farmers are a key part of the Chinese population, urbanization itself is an indicator for quality development and an indispensable social requisite for high quality economic development. Therefore, high quality development must be based on the rural population, which is part of the national reality.

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