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CAFS Xinzhi Lecture: A New Phase of Economic Development and the Policy Pendulum

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On December 12, 2023, the CAFS Xinzhi Lecture No. 30 was held in the Academic Lecture Hall 218. The lecturer was Mr. Huang Yiping, Sinar Mas Chair Professor of Finance and Economics and Deputy Dean of the National School of Development, Peking University. This event was chaired by Mr. Liu Shangxi, President of the CAFS, with important attendees including Mr. Yang Yuangen, Dean of the CAFS Graduate School, Ms. Xing Li, Vice President of the CAFS, and Mr. Fu Zhihua, Chairman of the CAFS Academic Committee.



In his lecture titled A New Phase of Economic Development and the Policy Pendulum, Professor Huang delved into the current domestic and international economic landscape. He elucidated the imperative for China’s economic policy to strike a balance between efficiency and stability while fostering new drivers for economic growth in the new phase of China’s economic growth and amid a shift in the economic development model.


Mr. Liu, in his closing remarks, lauded Professor Huang’s insightful exploration of the new phase in China’s economic development and the policy pendulum. He highlighted how the lecture, with its unique perspectives combining global viewpoints and China’s realities, offered a thought-provoking feast, significantly enlightening the understanding of current economic scenarios and future policy trajectories. Moreover, Mr. Liu underscored the role of CAFS as a policy research agency in considering China’s economic issues in global vision and balancing the immediate and long-term impacts of policy decisions, in order to formulate recommendations for policymakers.



The lecture was attended by over 150 researchers and graduate students from the CAFS. 

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